Bao Bab

Bao Bab is an experimental visual studio founded in 2016 by two college friends who love ethnic food: Baos and Kebabs are on top of the list.
And that's the inspiring story behind the name.

Since they met, or maybe some time later, decided that the primary guideline they would adopt would be to revolve their practice around the unconventional. "We'll not aim for big companies" is written on the basement's wall where this venture started ..and still is today.

What can someone say about their line of work?
Maybe the most appropiate thing to say is that this eclectic duo's only relevant working skills are: creative coding, expermental techniques, digital art, copy &pasting & advanced Google images searchers.
Some of their influences include: Gary Wilson, Obama, Paul Dano.
Moto: "Dont panic until its inevitable".
Their parents are already filthy rich and they do not need extra money or to accept unpleasant projects. But hey, please remind that they (or anybody) should not work for free.